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Our Expertise at Eldon Street Garage:

At Eldon Street Garage in Preston, we recently undertook a comprehensive repair and maintenance job to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of a vehicle that came to us with a significant issue. Our team of skilled technicians diligently addressed the following concerns:

Timing Belt and Oil Pump Belt Replacement:
Upon inspection, we found that the vehicle’s timing belt had deteriorated over time, leading to a blockage of the oil pick-up strainer. This blockage impeded the proper flow of oil throughout the engine, triggering the oil warning light on the dashboard. To rectify this issue, we performed the following steps:

  • Removed the sump to access the blocked oil pick-up strainer.
  • Cleared the strainer of detritus and debris, ensuring unrestricted oil flow.
  • Replaced both the timing belt and oil pump belt with a high-quality kit.
  • Conducted a thorough cleaning of the oil pick-up strainer.

Turbocharger Replacement:
During the disassembly process, we discovered excessive lateral movement in the turbocharger’s impeller shaft. Recognizing the importance of a fully functioning turbocharger for engine performance, we proceeded to:

  • Replace the turbocharger unit along with the associated feed pipes.

Fluids and Filters Service:
To guarantee the engine’s health and longevity, we carried out a complete fluid and filter service, which included:

  • Replacing the engine oil and filter.
  • Refreshing the engine coolant to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

Performance Testing and Quality Assurance:
Our commitment to excellence drove us to conduct meticulous testing and quality checks, ensuring that the vehicle met the highest standards:

  • We started the engine and closely monitored pressure levels, confirming that all readings fell within acceptable ranges.
  • We conducted a thorough test drive, ensuring that the vehicle’s performance was restored to its full potential.
  • All tests yielded positive results, with no warning lights present on the dashboard or in the Engine On-Board Diagnostics (EOBD) system.

Battery Assessment and Fuel Refill:
While addressing the primary concerns, we also noticed that the vehicle’s battery was weak. Although we charged it overnight and monitored its performance, we recommended ongoing observation, with a potential replacement on the horizon.

Additionally, we replenished the vehicle’s fuel supply and conducted an extended road test, which confirmed the vehicle’s overall health and reliability.

Warranty and Ongoing Care:
It is essential to note that, due to the vehicle’s previous oil pressure issues, there may be underlying damage that is not immediately apparent. To safeguard our work and your investment, we advise the following:

  • We kindly request that the vehicle be returned to us after covering 500 miles for an oil and filter replacement and a comprehensive recheck of the repaired work.
  • Please be aware that failure to return for these essential checks may invalidate the warranty on the replaced parts, as undiscovered issues could compromise their functionality.

At Eldon Street Garage, we take pride in our commitment to delivering top-notch automotive solutions. Our meticulous workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction ensure that your vehicle receives the care and attention it deserves, leaving you with peace of mind as you hit the roads of Preston and beyond. Trust us for all your automotive needs. Your journey begins here.